You’re not just moving your home – ​
You’re moving your life. 
Let us handle the details.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of moving?

Are you having trouble keeping track of all the tasks involved with your transition?

Simplify Personal Services offers customized solutions to navigate complex transitions.
Moyer’s team of compassionate advocates and professional organizers are matched with clients based upon their unique needs – whether you are preparing for a move or looking to make changes that enable your or loved one to safely age in place.

Moving Made Simpler

Transitions can be overwhelming. Working with a Simplify’er is like having a personal assistant to support you in small blocks of time during any stage of your journey. They will help identify your needs and offer tailored supports that provide you and those you care about with peace of mind.

  • Creating Check Lists
  • Changing Addresses
  • Processing Paperwork
  • Transitioning Services
  • Organizing Key Areas
  • Returning Cable Box
  • Coordinating Providers
  • And Much More


Take Steps To Simplify

Developing methods to simplify your home, life, and move are proven to significantly enhance time and task management. 

Simplifying saves you time, money, and stress!


Save up to 30 minutes a day



Save up to 20% of your annual budget



Americans find home organization to be a significant de-stressor